Beltone Hearing TV

Since 1940, Beltone has developed products to help people hear better and enjoy life more.

That's why we created It's a place where you can find instructional and informational movies and animations to learn more about hearing health or enhance your experience with Beltone hearing aids.

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Featured videos:

Beltone myPAL 

The Beltone myPAL is a small portable microphone. It captures the sound clearly, even in noisy environments, and streams it directly into your hearing aids, bringing the conversation closer to you. 

Living with profound hearing loss

Watch this great inspiring story of Mette, born with profound hearing loss, as she talks about her life achievements and aspirations and the success she has had with Beltone Boost.

HearPlus app

Watch how easy it is to change settings on your hearing aids directly from your iPhone, Apple Watch or the most popular Android phones. It's intuitive, discreet and convenient. Discover great possibilities!

Beltone Legend hearing aids

Beltone Legend is the most complete and advanced full hearing aid product line you'll find. With the widest range of choices and the most advanced technology, there is a Beltone Legend model for every taste and lifestyle.