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Beltone hearing solutions

Beltone's hearing solutions are developed using only the latest hearing technology and are designed to fit just about any lifestyle and hearing loss. Explore this section to find the Beltone hearing aid that meets your hearing needs.

Beltone First 

Explore Beltone's hearing solutions:

Beltone First

Beltone First

A Revolutionary Made for iPhone® Hearing Aid, one of the smallest mini RIEs on the market, is packed with all the latest technology to bring you a life full of great sounds.
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Beltone hearing aids

Beltone hearing aids are among the smallest and most discrete and they can be tailored to your individual needs.

Direct Line Line up

Beltone 2.4 GHz Personal Wireless Network

Beltone offers four wireless accessories that stream and communicate directly to your hearing instruments.
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Beltone First - The movie

Watch how the groundbreaking Beltone First directly connects to an iPhone and helps you hear better in the most difficult situations. Beltone First is a Made for iPhone hearing aid.

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