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Wireless Accessories

Easy TV, Easy telephone, Easy listening!

Beltone Direct Line wireless hearing instrument accessories is the easy way to link to the world around you. Whether watching television, listening to music or talking on the phone, stereo sound streams directly into your hearing aids.

Beltone Direct Line features the industry's first 2.4 GHz wireless system. This proven technology gives you a better quality audio signal. It also reduces delay so you can have a seamless listening experience.

Watch the animation below that show how Beltone 2.4 GHz technolgy enbales Beltone Direct Line accessories, wireless-enabled hearing aids and audio sources to help you create your very own Personal Wireless Network. 
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The Beltone Direct TV Link 2

The Beltone Direct TV Link 2 lets you listen to the sound source you want, directly to your hearing aids. It streams high-quality stereo sound from televisions, stereos and PCs right into your hearing aids, without the need for a relay device or "bridge." No "neckloop" or cord is required, so you are free to move around as you please.  The Direct TV Link 2 features new digital audio connections and Dolby Digital conversion, so you can be sure it will be compatible with practically any television set. There is no other wireless TV solution for hearing aids that includes the combination of advanced technology and freedom of the Direct TV Link 2.

The Beltone Direct Phone Link 2 

The Beltone Direct Phone Link 2 is the key to phone communication. It's small and lightweight and clips to your shirt. When the phone rings, you simply press a button to answer. Clear speech goes directly from the phone into your hearing aids. A microphone on the Direct Phone Link 2 picks up your voice, so you can talk hands-free and don't have to take your phone out of your pocket or bag.


The versatile Phone Link 2 also acts as a basic remote control for hearing aids. Whether you want to change volume or environmental programs, the Phone Link 2 is the answer. For even more control and discretion, download the Beltone SmartRemote app and turn your smartphone into a full-function remote control.

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The Beltone Direct Remote Control 2 

The Beltone Direct Remote Control turns on and adjusts the volume of the signal from the the Direct TV Link 2, Phone Link 2 and myPAL and discreetly adjusts your hearing instruments. Now, you can even adjust the balance between the hearing aid microphones and the audio source to make sure you hear the audio source and everything else around you at a comfortable volume. The large, color screen is easy to read and includes volume and enviornmental program displays as well as helpful low-battery indicators for the Remote Control 2 and the hearing aids. The large screen is easy to read and includes volume and environmental program displays as well as a helpful low-battery indicator. 
myPAL 288X139

The Beltone Direct Personal Audio Link (myPAL)

The Beltone Direct Personal Audio Link (myPAL) gives the hearing impaired a revolutionary new way to stream almost any sound they like directly into their hearing instruments. All they have to do is place the myPAL in front of the sound signal they want to hear or have a speaker clip it to his or her shirt allowing them to customize their listening experience and providing them more listening freedom.