Beltone was founded on the act of helping a friend to enjoy life more. So begins the story of Beltone, when founder Sam Posen made a hearing aid for a friend. This was in the 1930’s and we are still busy adding new chapters to the story. 

Beltone timeline

This timeline shows the major corporate and product events of Beltone’s 75-year history:
Year Milestone
1930s Sam Posen makes first hearing aid in order to help a friend enjoy life more
1940 The Beltone company is officially formed in Chicago, Illinois, USA
The Model H hearing aid is introduced
1942 Start of the exclusive distribution network business model
1945 Harmony, the world’s smallest hearing aid, is introduced
1958 The first behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid, Minuet, is introduced
1961 The first in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid comes to market
Beltone is now represented in 38 countries
1990s Introduction of digital hearing aids
Industry leader in small completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids
1997 Beltone is sold to J.W. Childs
1999 Philips Hearing Technologies is acquired by Beltone
2000 Beltone is sold to GN Store Nord and continues as an independent brand within the corporate frames of GN 
2004 Launch of EDGE leading the industry into open fitting hearing aids
2007 Beltone launches Beltone Marq, the world's smallest Receiver-In-Ear hearing instrument at the time
2009 Beltone Touch introduces Microphone-in-Concha (MIC) technology, setting new standards for natural amplification, wind-noise reduction and minimal size
2010 Beltone introduces Beltone True, featuring the world's smallest Receiver-in-the-ear and the industry's first 2.4 GHz wireless technology for its Direct Line of wireless hearing instrument accessories.
2013 Beltone expands on it's industry-leading hearing aid wireless connectivity by introducing Beltone First™, a revolutionary Made for iPhone® hearing aid.  
2014  Beltone launches Beltone Boost™, the first super power hearing aid Made for iPhone®.  Beltone First™ receives prestigious 2014 Red Dot Award for Product Design. 
2015 Beltone celebrates its 75th anniversary by introducing Beltone Legend™, the most comprehensive and personalized hearing aid product line on the market.

Beltone releases the first app that controls hearing aid settings from Apple Watch, the HearPlus app for Apple Watch.

Beltone introduces
Beltone Ally™ hearing aids, the first basic full family solution to use industry leading 2.4 GHz direct wireless technology and advanced sound processing features.

Beltone's 75th Anniversary 

Since 1940, Beltone has made high quality hearing care available to more people.