Beltone Trust Rechargeable

All-day use you can trust

Beltone Trust gives you the most complete hearing care experience. No other hearing aid can match its excellent sound quality, made for iPhone direct audio streaming, personalization with the Beltone HearMax app, and the extra support you get with the groundbreaking Beltone Remote Care.

With the rechargeable option, you can get all of benefits of Beltone Trust, without the need to change batteries.

What makes Beltone Trust Rechargeable a great option?

  • Available in the most popular, discreet style

  • Saves money and time you would spend changing batteries

  • Better for the environment than disposable batteries

Rechargeable available with our newest hearing aid Beltone Trust

The new Beltone Trust is not a typical hearing aid. Beltone Trust gives you unmatched ability to hear speech in noisy situations and the most options to connect to your favorite devices and to personalize your hearing experience- all in a virtually invisible package. Plus, a brand new Remote Care feature helps you get support from your hearing care professional, wherever you are. 
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