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Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I get the app?
Is the app available for iPhone?
Which hearing aids is the Beltone HearPlus app for Android compatible with?
Which Android phones do I need to use the app?
What if I don’t have one of the supported Android phones can I then not use the app?
Which Android operating system version is required?
Why do you only support selected Android phones?
Why is it specifically the selected Android mobile devices that you support?
When do you expect to support more Android phones?
Which Android phones will you be targeting to support?
How do I pair my Android phone to my Beltone hearing aids?
Why does the app take some time to retrieve information during pairing?
Do I need an accessory to use the app?
I have a Beltone Direct Phone Link 2. Will it work with the app?
Can I stream audio directly from the Android phone?
When do you expect to have direct audio streaming from Android phones?
Why is it relevant to have a direct connection from the phone to the hearing aid if you cannot stream audio?
What am I adjusting when using the HearPlus app volume slider?
Can I use the app to adjust hearing aid volume during calls or while streaming sound?
Why can’t I change programs at all?
If I edit the names of the programs, will my Hearing Care Professional be able to recognize the original programs?
Why did I lose the program names that I entered?
Why are some of the program buttons grayed out and others not?
Why did my Sound Enhancer and/or Tinnitus Manager stop working?
How do I return to my fitted settings after adjusting the Sound Enhancer and Tinnitus Manager?
Can I keep my adjustments of the Sound Enhancer or Tinnitus Manager?
For which programs can I adjust the Sound Enhancer?
For which programs can I adjust the Tinnitus Manager?
What does the little dot under the slider in the Sound Enhancer features mean?
Do the sound enhancer and tinnitus manager support two different form factors in a fitted pair?
Why can’t I add a place to a Favorite
Why are all my places now called favorites?
Why did I lose some saved favorites at the fitting session?
Why are the red bars in the Finder Nearby mode not accurate?
Does the Finder work if the hearing aids have run out of batteries?
Why can't I hear anything when I use the Melody Guide?
Nothing happens when I press the battery display - why?
Can I get the app in a language other than English?
Will the app keep the hearing aid pairing if updating the app?
Can the hearing aids be paired to two mobile phones at the same time?

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